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100% Organic Cold Brewed Green Tea

Tea made in in accordance to the natural biorhythm of the plant.

We continue to make tea in our own tea fields which are blessed with clean water, greenery, and plenty of sunshine. Our tea is 100% organically cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and grown in their natural environment. By controlling the water flow into the healthy and mineral rich soil utilizing biorhythm farming methods, we strengthen the condition of the tea trees to grow healthy tea leaves full of vitality that can better withstand harsh natural environments, pests, and diseases.

A tea like no other that can boost the cells in the immune system.

Bio tea is the world's first cold brew green tea of its kind. Making cold brew tea usually requires steeping the tea bags overnight, but because of our special manufacturing methods, Bio tea can be made with only 30 minutes of steeping. With our special biorhythm farming methods, Bio tea is specifically made for cold brewing! Bio tea is rich in epigallocatechin, which can only be extracted from the tea leaves using cold brew methods, and epigallocatechin has proven to be effective in boosting immune cells. It is full of umami and has a light and refreshing flavor that nourishes the body. Whether at the dining table, in the office, outdoors, or traveling, Bio tea is a drink the whole family can enjoy.

The tea itself has been detoxed

Tea leaves contain a form of enamel, which causes bitterness in the tea. We are the only ones in the world to successfully remove the enamel from the tea leaves. Regular tea leaves all contain compounds such as tannins and nitrogen oxide, which are the root causes of the bitterness in teas. Utilizing mineral farming methods and our original manufacturing methods, we succeeded in creating a pure and high quality cold brew tea with a clear and clean taste. It is an epoch-making cold brew tea that uses detoxed tea leaves.

High praise from numerous athletes

From Olympic medalists to athletes, many people swear by Bio tea. So why is Bio tea so praised by athletes you wonder? Bio tea contains no catechin or caffeine, so you can drink it anytime without worrying about the ingredients in there during competition. In addition, Bio tea quickly hydrates the body, and since it is instantly absorbed after being ingested, it prevents the body from retaining more water in the body than necessary, and in turn substantially raises the body’s athletic performance.

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