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What is Bio Tea ?

Grown utilizing natural Biorhythms without using any shortcuts

All Bio tea is grown on our own tea plantation, without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. To us, the most important factor in the cultivation process is the “Biorhythm of the plants”. We control the water that is essential for the plants to live and help them grow. 


We protect the new tea leaf shoots from late night frost by preemptively freezing them

Tea leaves wither at about -2°C (28.40°F). We discovered that we are able to protect the tea leaves from the harsh and freezing nights of early Spring by covering them with water, which would freeze and maintain the temperature of the leaves at 0°C and in turn protect them from the subzero temperatures and from withering. Since then, we have focused on the changing properties of the water, and the natural innate power of the plants themselves to grow our tea leaves in accordance with the natural Biorhythm of the plants.


Develop proper watering techniques and develop the plant’s ability to live in nature

It is just like when a person's body becomes ill when blood and lymph flow are stagnant. With proper water flow, plants are able to receive plenty of nutrients and grow steadily and healthily. By constantly assessing the climate and atmospheric pressure at certain intervals, the temperature over the tea plantation is constantly monitored, and the water flow is increased or decreased as needed. With proper watering techniques, the tea plants develop the ability to survive in harsh conditions.

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